Introducing Punky Cuteshirt: Dungeons and Drag Queens

Blog Posts - Name: Punky Cuteshirt Race: Half orch, 100% punk rock Class: Bezerker Strength: 9 Dexterity: 15 Constitution: 8 Intelligence: 12 Wisdom: 4 Charisma: 22 Items: Anarchy flag procured from the Land of Hot Topic, Enchanted Misfits poster (probably) stolen from dragon...

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She's a sassy lassy

Rick Santorum Wins Horrible Reality TV Show About Republicans We All Have to Watch

Blog Posts - Last night in a shocking turn of events at the Iowa Straw Poll, Rick Santorum’s brilliant “drive a truck around Iowa while everyone else fucks up” plan went off without a hitch, and now he’s ahead of the other not-Romneys to...

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Get Sad! Get Productive! How Chris Copes With Being Alone

Blog Posts - Hey everybody, your old pal Chris is back.  Only this time, I’m mired in utter sadness. Ya see, this week Octavarius is performing in the LA improv festival.  The gang is playing at iO West and everyone is thrilled about...

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Chris in Sadness

Hooray! Hate Is Getting Less Popular!

Blog Posts - I had the good sense a few years ago to start investing my money in the hateful political rhetoric futures market.  Shortly after a recession and the 2008 election of President Obama, my investment was really starting to pay off....

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Tinz Makes Faces (Part 2)

Humorous Videos - This is delightful.  Enjoy another batch of hilarious Tinz faces.

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Tinz Baby

Conquer Twitter the Tinz Way

Blog Posts - Chris Bogue here, reporting with your latest breaking news about Tinz.  It appears as though he has finally conquered Twitter as he vowed to do in 2009.  Allow me to take you back in time to a not too distant...

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Conquer Twitter the Tinz Way

Tinz Makes Faces (Part 1)

Humorous Videos - Tinz has mad funnyface skills.  Prepare for enjoyment. If you want Tinz to make your dumb face, just send a link to us at

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Tinz Man

Everything is Fixed in 2011 Because of Republicans

Blog Posts - Remember when America was doomed because of socialism and tyranny?  Well fear no more!  John Boehner and the Republicans are the majority in the House of Representatives and for the next two years they will have everything under control. The Congressional...

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Surely all Americans can agree, literally farting socialism is not beneficial for the country

Octavarius Sings “Bear Down Chicago Bears”

Humorous Videos - We will never forget the way the Bears thrilled the nation with their T formation, and that is why we sing “Bear Down” after every touchdown.  Enjoy!

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Da Bearsce

America’s Funniest Home Videos = Epic Failure

Blog Posts - Ho ho ho everybody.  If you’re anything like me, you’re spending the holiday season listening to Christmas music, shopping for presents, and praying to God to finally put America’s Funniest Home Videos out of its misery. And yes, I’m not...

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