The Humboldt Squid or Red Devil Squid

Our future overlords in action

Wikipedia’s overview of the Humboldt Squid:

The Humboldt Squid (Dosidicus gigas), also known as Jumbo Squid, Jumbo Flying Squid, or Diablo Rojo (Red Devil Squid), is a large, aggressive predatory squid found in the waters of the Humboldt Current in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. They are most commonly found at depths of 200–700 metres (660–2,300 ft), from Tierra del Fuego to California. Recent findings suggest the range of this species is spreading north into the waters of Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska. Though they usually prefer deep water, between 1,000 and 1,500 squid washed up on the Long Beach Peninsula in southwest Washington in the fall of 2004.

Tinz and I first discovered out impending doom from an Animal Planet special about the Humboldt Squid invasion.  This adaptable predator squid can lay 300,000 eggs in a lifetime, and survive in most ocean conditions.  In recent years, the number of Humboldt Squid has exploded.  So of course, we dismissed the Humboldt Squid, or even squid in general.

But the Humboldt Squid kept rearing it’s ugly squid head in the media.

We were intrigued by the Humboldt Squid’s ability to change colors rapidly, and how the squid uses that color changing to communicate.

Then we saw a news story on ABC that recommended we give up Salmon in favor of Calamari, because the Humboldt Squid invasion was imminent.

Soon after we started seeing news articles about the Humboldt Squid everywhere. We decided to keep track of the major squid articles here so everyone can know the danger our species faces at the hands of this Red Devil Squid (I assume Red Devil Squid is the Humboldt Squid’s stage name).