Octavarius recently turned two years old! Boom. In this podcast, we think back on the forty-eight months that we’ve been sporting eight legs and a wicked arm. Included:

  • There really are Two Kinds of ALF. One of them is terribly racist.
  • We talk about the worst improv team names imaginable, real or fake. Apologies if you’re on one of these teams.
  • Boner bonds us. Boner bonds us all.
  • When we didn’t have proper microphone stands, we used the Bee Bowl. A bowl…with a fake bee in it. Our microphone was seriously held up by a bee bowl.
  • Scott films Pee Pee Man, Mikula films the (4-hour) La Confidentiale, and Marc films a German video out of spite.

Birthday party? YAY!!

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