Monday night while recording our podcast Tinz joked about listeners having an Octavarius Bingo Card.  I thought that was a great idea!  Well, I created two Octavarius Podcast Bingo Cards.  Check them out:

Simply print out and play while listening to the podcast.  Post on the Octavarius  facebook page if you get Bingo!  Hopefully we will come up with more bingo cards so more people can play. 

Now if you want to kick the Octavarius podcast game up a notch then play our Octavarius Podcast Drinking Game!

Drink when:

There is a Disney reference
Marc tells a sad story
Nick’s does his 7 words of wisdom
Cloud tells a tale of terror
Someone does a condescending ad for a product or store
Anyone sings a funny jingle
Keith disagrees with Lauren
Anyone talks about how dorky or emo they were in high school
The name of the person who wrote in is so obviously fake
Someone mentions Joseph Gordon Levitt or Jesse Mccartney
Someone mentions Indiana Jones, Star Wars, or James Bond
Someone mentions College
Someone mentions Chicago
Someone promises something to happen at a upcoming show
Cloud and Lauren team up on an issue
Someone makes fun of someone else

If you play this while listening to a podcast you are sure to have a good time and get pretty tipsy!  Have fun everyone, let the games begin!