Bottom 10 Sexiest Disney Characters of All Time

Blog Posts - In honor of not letting Lauren win for a week straight, I have put together a comprehensive list of the least sexy Disney characters ever. Hey Lauren, Disney has ugly people to. 10.  The Peddler from Aladdin 9.  Fairy Godmother...

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Top 10 Sexiest Disney Characters of All Time

Blog Posts - In honor of our Disney themed Octavarius show this Sunday, I will rank who I believe are the sexiest Disney characters of all time. Now this took a lot of time and thought, since many of these animated characters are...

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Cloud Does the Bible in Five Minutes

Blog Posts - We all have busy lives, and with distractions like Facebook, iPads, and Twitter, who has time these days to read a book as enormous as the Bible? Have no fear, friends! It just so happens that I purchased a brand...

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Helmets Off, Sexy On: Chicago Baseball Playas

Blog Posts - There has been a lot of trash talkin’ on the Octavarius website this week, leading up to our Crosstown Classic themed show this Sunday. I would like to look past the ancient hatin’ between Cubs and Sox fans, and focus...

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Alex Rios

Can I be Neutral in the Cubs vs. White Sox Debate or Does that Make Me an A-bag?

Blog Posts - The lead up to our Crosstown Classic baseball themed comedy show has spawned two controversial posts this week. The first is Brian’s critique of White Sox fans. The second is Matt “Empathy Geyser” Castellvi’s treatise on Cubs fans. Both posts...

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Cubs Fans: Pathetic Douchebags?

Blog Posts - Now in preparation for this post I did a little research and found out that the Chicago Cubs ARE in fact a Major League baseball team......

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Cheer up, Cubs: 5 curses that it would be WAY worse to have

Blog Posts - As a Cubs fan, this baseball season has so far been a frustrating one: at the time of writing this post, the Chicago Cubs boast an extremely unimpressive record of 30-44. This, in a game where a player is already...

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"Eggplants is eggplants! Where's my sky-train?" - Billy Sianis

Octavarius is the Best of Chicago 2011 because of you!

Blog Posts - Thanks to our wonderful friends, supporters, and fans, Octavarius has been named the Chicago Reader Best of Chicago 2011: Best sketch/improv troupe. Thank you so very much. Please celebrate with us at the Crosstown Classic show this Sunday! Hope to...

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White Sox Fans: The Most Justified A-holes in Sports

Blog Posts - The Chicago White Sox and their fans have been depicted as villains more often than not in the media and film despite having 30 Hall of Famers associated with the team and having won the World Series 3 times, most recently in 2005......

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“But one thing about Wrigley Field, I puke every time I go there. That’s just to be honest. And if Cub fans don’t like the way I talk about Wrigley Field, it’s just Wrigley Field. I don’t say anything about the fans or anything now."

Brian’s Fun Activity: Saying “jam” a lot more

Blog Posts - I started playing a new game today and I think you should join it. I’m having a lot of fun using the word “jam” as an affirmative. Every once in a while, I pepper in the word “jam” instead of...

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Sweet windbreaker, Keith!
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