Star Trek

So yeah, Star Trek is back.  JJ Abrams did a not-reboot of the series by simply starting a new branch of reality due to time travel.  I would say this is hokey, but it’s a time honored tradition in Star Trek (as is not questioning the time travel physics).  Luckily, we all understand the equasion: “If black hole, then x” where x stands for anything you want to break about physics.

But I digress.  It was really easy to ignore any logical problems with the movie, because everytime they ignored the rules that govern our universe, it was to add more fun than our universe usually permits.

Example: At some point mid-movie, Scottie employs the math that future Spock tells Scottie that Scottie invented in the future (I know) to create a transporter beam that can send people across near infinite space and land them on a ship moving at warp speed.

Now that the technology to send matter anywhere in the universe is within their grasp the crew of the Enterprise, who have never commanded a ship before, don’t decide to transport a photon torpeedo on to the enemy ship, or use the beam to send something destructive into the enemy engines; of course not.  That wouldn’t be fun.  Instead they transport the ships two highest ranking officers, Kirk and Spock, into the heart of the enemy vessel where the engage in hand to hand combat with deadly attackers from the future.

And if you haven’t seen Star Trek: Madea Goes to Space yet, you’re in for a surprise.  Tyler Perry is in the movie as the head of Star Fleet.  But even that had its charm.

I had my problems with it of course, but the movie never promised to be anything more than what it wa, a balls awesome action movie in space.  I can’t wait for the inevidable sequels.

Also, can someone get JJ Abrams to make an A-Team movie?

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