Octavarius is in danger.


The once unstoppable brigade of 9 wrestler improvisers has been split in 2 by an unpredictable new force calling itself the Madness.  This past Sunday night, in what has been described as quite possibly the most vile move in all of improv wrestling history, 4 renegade improvisers from within Octavarius’s own ranks usurped power and vowed to destroy Octavarius LLC.  After a series of backstabbings and betrayals, Mikula Madness, Grandpa Factory, and Ca$htellvi captured the So Nefarious Champion Belt, thus defeating Octavarius and planting their flag as the kings of Chicago improv.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the Madness immediately took to Twitter, rubbing insult into injury.

In the meantime, all 9 players have been working hard preparing for Sunday night’s showdown in their own individual ways.  A clearly shaken Colonel Tinz has been hitting the gym twice as hard, and hitting the Triple Sec even moreso.

In a completely unsuspected move, Grandpa Chris has discovered how to use the Internet and has joined the twitterverse as well.

All the while, Octavarius have been in close contact with a recuperating Keith Handsome, currently tweeting from his hospital bed.  His committed and outrageous character work coupled with raw, unflitered sexuality helped propel Octavarius to greatness.  Now it looks like the injury he sustained when Grandpa Chris bludgeoned his kneecap with a chair may cause him to miss the big match.

Octavarius has sworn vengeance, and with NWA World Champion wrestler and Octavarius president Colt Cabana returning to join the show, anything can happen Sunday night.  In the meantime you can continue to watch the saga unfold by clicking here to follow Octavarius, the Madness, Colt Cabana, and the entire cast of characters in our Battle for the Belt Twitter list.