In honor of Octavarius: Dungeons & Drag Queens this Sunday, June 24 at 7pm at ComedySportz, we’re creating each other as Dungeons & Drag Queens characters.

I nom on your glitterz

Name: LaurLaur Twiharder

Race: Gnome

Class: Jewish witch

Strength: 4

Dexterity: 6

Constitution: 16

Intelligence: 18

Wisdom: 16

Charisma: 12

Items: T-shirt of JGL (+5 to Charisma when celebs are present), Ring of unending spins (+7 to Constitution and a +10% party-crit bonus when on a tour bus), Pouch of eternal glitter (that shit will not come off you. ever.)

Weapons: Veiny wand of the collector (Can poke your eye out. Is a Harry Potter collectors item. +1 to strength)

Special power: Distraction tongue (100% chance to lead any conversation into something inane. 100% chance to confuse target, with a 20% chance target will hurt itself in frustration)