Uncle Fun

Uncle Fun is our favorite store in Chicago, and a generous sponsor of our weekly podcast and shows. They have hundreds of amazing, toys, games, and trinkets. Stop by 1338 W Belmont Ave and see what they’ve got to offer. But be ready to get lost for a while in their aisles of amazing goodies.



Funemployed is a funny web series about a group of recent college graduates struggling to find their way in the adult world. The people that make it are awesome and the show is hilarious. You should watch it.

Claymore Productions

Claymore is a multi-talented group of performers, writers, filmmakers, producers, and comedians. They do a weekly show at The Playground Theatre, the do a live streaming sketch show, and they make funny video shorts. They are also the kind folks who gave Octavarius our first show in Chicago. Visit their site for more info about all the cool things they do.