Fun is Everywhere

This is both our mantra, and our mission. And we need your help. We believe that fun is everywhere. No exceptions. And we are hell bent on finding it.

We perform live comedy shows, write stories, make videos, record comedy music, and anything else we can think of to help uncover the hidden fun in the world around us.

What’s in a Name

Octavarius started as a Chicago based improv comedy group, named after Octavarius, the mythical cyborg octopus from the future that is leading the Humboldt Squid invasion.


We have been doing improv together for seven years in Chicago, the suburbs, and anywhere else we can put up a show. Most recently we have been doing a long run at The ComedySportz Theatre on Sunday nights at 7pm. The Chicago Reader’s Best of Chicago 2011 issue, Octavarius was named in a reader’s poll as the #1 Improv/Sketch group in Chicago!

Since we can’t perform all the time, we started to explore other ways of finding fun, and to collect cool ideas and videos from others.

We now have posts, a collection of videos, a podcast, and comedy music.

Octavarius Is:

Lauren Aimone

Lauren “Timoney” Aimone

Lauren, our fearless company/stage manager, keeps the group on time and on task, but she knows how to have fun too.

Chris Bogue

Chris Bogue

Chris Bogue has been improvising for 10 years. He loves his work and he loves the freedom and creativity he can explore in Octavarius.

Matt Castelli

Matt Castellvi

Castellvi is the “cute one” in our boy band. He has performed in Octavarius since the beginning, and despite what he tells you, he is a cuddler.

Robin Clement

Robin Clement

Robin is Octavarius’s Vice President of Public Relations. Aside from working her media magic, Robin’s energy and tireless work ethic are a vital part of Octavarius.

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Scott Danielson

“Big” Scott Danielson

Although Big Scott doesn’t perform with Octavarius, his top notch writing is a welcome addition to the site, as is his insightful podcasting. Plus he makes hilarious merchandise designs.

Matt Gutierrez

Matt “LP” Gutierrez

LP stands for Latino Passion. We’re still puzzling out how he got the name; but between puzzlings, LP rocks out as a performer and writer for Octavarius.

Keith Habersberger

Keith “Keith” Habersberger

Keith Habersberger is a writer, editor, and improviser and former member of the Mission Improvable touring ensemble. He is the tall one.

Scott Hogan

Scott “Shogan” Hogan

Shogan’s nickname comes from the highly intellectual smashing of his first and last name; and not, as we once suspected, from a title he held in feudal Japan. He no longer performs with Octavarius, but we still love him.

Nick Mikula

Nick “Mikula+” Mikula

M-I-K-U-L-A-+ is his name for himself. We take no responsibility. On stage with Octavarius, Nick will go by whatever name he wants.

Marc Muszynski

Marc “Sharc” Muszynski

Sharc is the Executive Assistant for Octavarius. He also did the website, and occasionally writes sketches and videos.

Mike Norris

Mike “Commodore” Norris

Commodore is a guest improviser and writer with Octavarius. He has exceptional taste in glasses.

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Lisa Ridarelli

Lisa “Cloud” Ridarelli

Lisa joined the group in May of 2010 and has been a full-time performer ever since! She got the nickname Cloud because she always seems like she’s living life on a cloud in the sky 🙂

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Brian Wohl

Brian “BWo” Wohl

BWo’s nickname was scientifically constructed from the first letters of both his names. He’s clever like that, and his input on stage with Octavarius is invaluable.