In Episode 140 of the podcast we’re covering all the talk leading into the upcoming presidential election. (Or is it Presidential election? Presidential Election?) We dive deep into the topics without saying too much that would aggravate one side or the other. Don’t worry, it doesn’t ever get too┬áserious; there’s plenty of “If I were president and I was mad with power” talk, as well as some creative (offensive) write-in nominations.

On a related note: no matter what party you stand for or what your beliefs are, vote in this election. Just do it. You’ll probably have to wait in a long line and it might not be a very pleasant experience. But suck it up and bring a book or something. You’ll feel good about participating in one of our most important rights as an American, and you’ll feel four years of pride and fulfilled responsibility instead of four years of guilt and lying to your friends and coworkers about not voting. You don’t want to have to deal with that, right? Do it. Vote.

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